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19th Century Fine Art Legacy

Whatever city people live in, they ask about “art galleries near me”, when they do a search on the internet. The term, art galleries near me, is relative. When Joan and I went to college, there was only one computer and it used key-punch cards for Fortran! Back then folks could only find out about art galleries near where they lived via printed media and word-of-mouth. Fine art galleries were concentrated mainly in the larger cities and there were not many great fine art galleries in the more rural areas of the United States.

Times have changed and today people can search online, by just typing in: art galleries near me. There are still not as many fine art galleries outside the major cities but Bedford Fine Art Gallery has, however, changed all that. Having two locations in Bedford, Pennsylvania (Bedford Fine Art Gallery and The Annex), our galleries represent over 300 well-listed artists and have hundreds of fine art paintings for sale, rivaling any big-city art gallery.

People today can type in their key word search, art galleries near me, but the demographics of where fine are galleries are located and how you can purchase fine art has changed from the old-days. Bedford Fine Art Gallery prides itself on both its website and brick-and-mortar presence in a small historic town in Pennsylvania. Thousands of people visit our website and we sell throughout the United States and around the world (we just had a recent sell to Singapore!). Because Bedford, Pennsylvania is centrally located to many major cities, however, folks typically take a nice leisurely day-trip to visit us in-person.

Typical cities where customers live, and their driving time to get to Bedford, include: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (1.5 hours); Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (2 hours); Washington, DC (2.5 hours); Baltimore, Maryland (2.5 hours); Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (3 hours); Cleveland, Ohio (3.5 hours); Trenton, New Jersey (3.5 hours); Richmond, Virginia (4 hours); New York, NY (4.5 hours); Columbus, Ohio (4.5 hours); and Buffalo, New York (4.5 hours), for example.

It is ironic that, in the old-days, people in and around New York city always used to enjoy the best fine art galleries in the United States, but today a lot of our customers visit us from in and around the New York area.

We are proud to be a destination and not just a brief mention along the way. Our customers are the best and we are proud to have many testimonials from many happy customers. One customer stated: “I drove 12 hours to meet the nicest couple and outstanding artwork that was perfectly and honestly represented. More than pleased with expertise, professionalism, and kindness genuinely exhibited by Jerry and Joan.” (Brent and Sarah S.).

Another customer writes: “Bedford PA! An American historical time capsule. Bedford was an 18th century British military fortification and afterwards a 19th century Federal period frontier gateway to the Northwest Territory and is today a popular tourist destination. Joan and Jerry Hawk’s Bedford Fine Art Gallery, located in the historic Bedford Mansion, near the Bedford Courthouse, offers an extensive collection of original 19th century paintings in their beautifully restored gallery… which continually attracts this appreciative collector and former museum trustee.” (Charles F.)

Jeff and Cathy D. wrote: “The Bedford Fine Art Gallery was recommended to us by our neighbors. They were very impressed both by the wonderful artwork presented and the very amiable owners. So, one rainy day, we stopped in to see for ourselves. We are so glad we did! It was immediately evident that, for Jerry and Joan, the gallery was not a business but a passion. Although there is no pressure at all while viewing, both Jerry and Joan are willing and able to give full background information on art and artist, making our visit not only a pleasurable artistic adventure but an education as well. We were taken by both the art and the gallery owners. We actually did make a purchase that fits so well in our early 20th century home and, we must say, the price was exceptional. If we can act as your neighbors and recommend a very pleasing gallery experience, please take a rainy day, or any day and go visit with Jerry and Joan. You won’t regret it. We might even see you there.”

As Jeff and Lisa G. put it: “It’s mot every day you meet people so kind, professional, and passionate about what they do. Every part of the buying process was outstanding. Every detail was taken care of from the excellent online listing to perfectly handled packing and shipping once we completed the purchase. We were so intrigued after we first talked with Jerry about the piece which we finally bought that we had to make a trip to Bedford to meet Jerry and Joan in person. It was well worth it. Whether your trip to Bedford is 10 miles or 2000 miles, make the journey. There’s great art and outstanding gallery owners, waiting for you.”

Another testimonial reads: “Bedford, Pennsylvania, is a charming colonial town that offers a little something for everyone. A hidden gem in the town is the Bedford Fine Art Gallery, an historic mansion that houses an impressive collection of mainly 19th century paintings. Joan and Jerry Hawk have turned their beautiful home into a gallery that is warm, welcoming, and filled with significant pieces of art. Everything was impressive, from the careful positioning of the artwork, that caught the light perfectly, to Jerry’s extensive knowledge of the history and background of each piece, to the warm welcome and great customer service. Our impulsive stop while strolling through town turned into a several-hour visit and ultimately resulted in the purchase of a unique painting that we could not resist. The Bedford Fine Art Gallery is a destination must that we highly recommend for anyone who appreciates classic American art and superior service.” (Jennifer T.)

A testimonial from Randy Scott F. reads: “Bedford Fine Art Gallery… the experience for me was all positive. I was searching for various artists from the 19th century that lived in and painted Pennsylvania, which lead me to Bedford, PA. It’s a pleasure to find such a collection of paintings in a historic atmosphere where background classical music plays… the lighting shines on each piece perfectly… and you have details of the artist to make the painting more personal. Jerry and Joan have a business model that works… they care about your experience at the gallery… and most important they care about the quality of each painting. If you are able to visit the gallery, I would suggest giving a few hours to enjoy the artwork. One more tip… if your satisfied how the paintings look online, they are much better in person. I know I’ll be back in Bedford soon to purchase another.”

A testimonial from Sheila and Frank states: “On a quick getaway to Bedford, we wandered into Bedford Fine Art Gallery. What a joy! Joan and Jerry were welcoming and just eager to share their enthusiasm for art. Visiting with no intention of buying, we were treated to in depth information on each artist and piece that caught our attention. We ultimately purchased two pieces that touched us. Art speaks to everyone differently and it is nice to have gallery owners who appreciate that.”

A testimonial from Vivian and Bennett L. states: “Jerry and Joan’s remarkable ability to acquire, display, and offer for sale an impressive array of American art in a classic American small town setting is only exceeded by their genuine interest in their in their client’s collections and the personal stories surrounding the acquisition of each piece in their collection. In our many years of building our collection, we have never had a more pleasant experience or personal interaction with a dealer. So if you are serious about your passion for fine American art, make the effort to acquaint yourselves with Joan and Jerry… and if you want to enhance the experience, stay off the Turnpike and take the time to journey to Bedford on Route 30, from either east or west, and spend the day in Bedford and environs. It will be an experience you will not forget.”

There are many more testimonials by happy customers, but we hope the above examples show how great an experience it can be to visit a rural historic little- town fine art gallery, Bedford Fine Art Gallery, as opposed to a big-city gallery. There are a lot of folks in a days-drive from us that have visited and loved their experience. As we said above, “art galleries near me” is relative and we see by our many satisfied customers that we have become a “destination” that is clearly worth the drive.

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