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Art Lovers' Niche - Apr 8, 2020

Art Lovers' Niche

As we all work together right now, we recognize our strong love of family, passion for our hobbies, and the need to persevere in achieving our dreams. "Art Lovers' Niche" serves as your personal concierge to assist you in your journey. Bedford Fine Art Gallery loves to share our passion for fine art with you. We value face-to-face experiences and hope that these brief value-added emails provide all our many customers with one more vehicle to stay in-touch. Hopefully, this also lets you continue to enjoy the truly uplifting experience of beautiful fine art. Stay safe and keep your spirits high.

Spotlight on Art

What you already knew!

At the end of February 2020, Amazon approached us and asked if they could feature some of our paintings in one of their upcoming movie productions. The movie is being filmed in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut and is entitled “Master.” The e-commerce giant recognized what all our many customers already knew – they were able to find art they love that exceeded their expectations. As with all our customers, Amazon was great to work with. Below are the selections they chose to include in their upcoming movie:

Robert Decker - A Fall Landscape
Charles Augustus Lasar - Sunset 
Barton Stone Hays - Still Life with Peaches, Grapes, and Lemonade
Felix Octavius Darley - Washington and Companions 
Max Weyl - Rock Creek Park 
Charles Wilson Knapp - Pastoral Landscape

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