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Art Lovers' Niche - Sep 28, 2020

Art Lovers' Niche

Charles Ethan Porter

Charles Ethan Porter is being rediscovered today as a major 19th century painter. Porter was a black artist and, thanks to the sponsorship of Mark Twain, was able to go to Paris in 1881. In Paris, he was influenced by many artists and honed his artistic skills. During his life, Porter lived in semi-obscurity and it has only been recently that Porter is now recognized as one of America's outstanding late 19th century artists. Only a small portion of his works are known today and many were done by Porter in his later years.

Charles Ethan Porter


"It is the intense liking for a scene that makes it art"- Charles Augustus (Shorty) Lasar

Frank Bromley (American 1859 – 1890)


John Cuthbert Hare (American 1908 - 1978)


Hendrik-Dirk Kruseman Van Elten (Dutch-American 1829 - 1904)


Edward Charles Volkert (American 1871 - 1935)


Lucien Whiting Powell (American 1846 – 1930)


Felix Octavius Carr Darley (American 1822 – 1888)




John Joseph Enneking (American 1841 –1916)


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