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Art Lovers' Niche - Apr 14, 2020

Art Lovers' Niche

Art, Science, and Love

You’ve dedicated yourself to achieving your goals and worked hard throughout your career. You recognize and deserve the very best. Viewing fine art in your home or office, decreases stress levels, increases empathy, raises critical thinking skills, and helps provide relief from mental exhaustion. One study conducted by a neurobiologist found that your brain releases dopamine, the chemical of pleasure, when viewing fine art. Just like each fine art painting is a one-of-a-kind original, so are you. The bottom-line, is that you are the best expert on what you love. Trust your instincts, trust yourself.

Spotlight on Art

Talented artists that stand the test of time

No doubt you’ve seen the articles where so-called modern abstract art has sold for millions of dollars. Most Modern abstract art is a commercial fad, built more upon the artists brand than true talent. When all our customers fall in love with a painting and proudly hang it on their wall, they do not need to try to explain what it is that is being viewed. Everyone intuitively knows that it is the work of a very talented artist and that both you and the artist, with whom you bonded, in spirit, know the value of your unique treasure – the perfect composition that captures true beauty.

Robert Decker - A Fall Landscape
Charles Augustus Lasar - Sunset 
Barton Stone Hays - Still Life with Peaches, Grapes, and Lemonade
Felix Octavius Darley - Washington and Companions 
Max Weyl - Rock Creek Park 
Charles Wilson Knapp - Pastoral Landscape

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