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Art Lovers' Niche - Aug 9, 2021

Art Lovers' Niche

In his 1871 book titled "Art it’s laws and reason for them", author Samuel P. Long states: "Now there can be no doubt whatever that the pleasure with which one contemplates any object esteemed beautiful is enhanced by the association awakened in the mind of the beholder..." With this in mind, here are a few new beautiful additions that will please now and for many years to come:

John Adams Parker – Autumn View with Quiet River and Wooden Bridge at Dusk  $5,200


John Adams Parker – Winter Landscape in After Glow   $7,500


Alfred S. Wall – The Woods at Dusk  /  Cows in the Woods   $4,500


Edgar Spier – Autumnal Gloaming   $3,200


Malcolm Parcell – Road in Mist   $5,200


Eugene Alonzo Poole – Rocky Coastline   $6,500


In her 1888 book titled "The popular art instructor", author Annie Fee, in her chapter titled "Make Home Attractive" states: "The greatest art that the world has ever produced is the art of beautifying and making home attractive. As the grandest piece of sculpture the world has ever seen adorns a temple front, and the most beautiful painting is found to be in the decoration of a room, so the grandest and noblest motives that can stir the human heart are those awakened within the pale of domestic life." Below are a few paintings to fall in love with, when beautifying your home:

Harry Herman Roseland - Her Future from the Cards   $12,000


Barton Stone Hays – Apples on Plate and Tablecloth   $4,500


Henry W. Kemper – Landscape   $5,000


William Louis Sonntag – Landscape   $27,500


Michael Mosorjak – Middle Street   $3,600


Daniel Charles Grose – Creek in Fall Landscape   $2,400


Michael Strueber – White Peonies   $1,800


Michael Strueber – Magnolias   $1,800


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