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Art Lovers' Niche - Apr 24, 2020

Art Lovers' Niche

Art is Smart

When you buy a 19th century painting, you are preserving a small piece of history – that can make you happy. It is something created by a once living and breathing person. A person, just like you. If you really “tune in”, you can sense the aura of the artist – it transcends the years separating you. You see it in the composition and subject; feel it in the colors used; the way the paint is handled; and the atmospheric effects of light. Looking at a painting that has that effect on you and your recognizing these nuances will make you happy. Learning something about the artist will provide the final connector.

“Personally, I experience the greatest degree of pleasure in having contact with works of art. They furnish me with happy feelings of an intensity that I cannot derive from other sources.” – Albert Einstein

Frederic Rondel, Sr
Ernest Fredericks
David John Gue

Spotlight on Art

Our customers are the best!

From notable sales to many happy customers, who provide great testimonials, we listen to their desires and respect them – they are all the best!

“My wife Theresa and I are pretty ordinary people, who love extraordinary art. Discovering Bedford Fine Art Gallery and working with Jerry and Joan to purchase our first picture from them has been a smooth and joyful experience – and we haven’t even met in person yet. Gotta love internet commerce! And while we anticipate a wonderful visit to the actual gallery one day, our trust in their experience and integrity is complete. “Stepping Stones,” a beautiful British landscape is now under our family’s care for the second 150 years of its life, and more, I hope, a trust we welcome. Thank you Jerry and Joan!” – Bob and Theresa L.

Jules Frederic Ballavoine
Harry Herman Roseland
Frederick Mulhaupt

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