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Art Lovers' Niche - Feb 8, 2022

Art Lovers' Niche

The below short video gives an overview of a fun talk, given by Dr. Terri Nicole Sawyer recently at Bedford Fine Art Gallery. Using the skills of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Dr. Sawyer guided some local art-lovers through the emotional mind, the reasonable mind, and the wise mind as you view art. The talk was very interesting and she guided everyone through:

  • Learning where emotions come from
  • How they are processed in the brain
  • Discovering how emotions surface while viewing art
  • Embracing the feelings, we were all sensing

In summary, it was great to see our "It’s all about you" philosophy in action, as everyone falls-in-love with a painting based on their own sense of beauty and special connection to the painting that "speaks to you."

Dr. Terri Nicole Sawyer Video

Dr. Terri Nicole Sawyer Video
Click here to see what "speaks to you!"

Click here to see what "speaks to you!"

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