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Art Lovers' Niche - Jun 1, 2023

Art Lovers' Niche

Ok, so we are not Carnac the Magnificent and probably missed your birthday by a little or a lot, but the point is you probably have lots to CELEBRATE! We have seen many customers who have "fresh start" moments, such as celebrating:

  • A birthday
  • An anniversary
  • A new child
  • A new grandchild
  • A big accomplishment at work
  • A new job
  • A new home
  • The first of the month, seasons, or holidays
  • Redecorating that special room
  • Planning for your own office at your home
  • Empty nest syndrome
  • Retirement
  • Relaxing trip or vacation in Bedford, PA
  • And the list goes on and on...

Heck maybe it is as easy as: Pay Day = Reward Yourself with Fine Art Day.

If you are reading this email, you are probably part of the Art Lovers' Niche community. I'm sure each of you loves art and have settled into a comfortable routine where, usually at the same time during the week, you "hunt" for art you love.

15 SECONDS: During your hunt, we suggest taking 15 seconds to make a mental list of all the family and friends that will view you as "their hero" when you follow through and celebrate by purchasing beautiful fine art you love.

THE SECRET: People know we can't always offer a discount. We already have fair and reasonable listed values on each piece of fine art. The secret that the Art Lovers' Niche community knows, however, is there are times when we are able to work something out for your purchase that is a win-win for everyone.

Finally, for those on the outside looking in on all of us pursuing our passion: "Don't mess with hero lovers of fine art."

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