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Hermann Ottomar Herzog (German-American 1832 - 1932) Shepherd Under a Dark Sky

Oil on canvas, 16.5 x 13.5 inches/Signed lower left

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sold Hermann Ottomar Herzog (German-American 1832 - 1932)

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Herzog was born in the Free Hanseatic State of Bremen (Germany). In 1849 he enrolled at the Dusseldorf Art Academy where he studied under romantic landscape painters Andreas Achenbach, Johann Schirmer, and Karl Lessing and Norwegian romantic painter Hans Fredrik Gude. During his studies there, Herzog traveled to Bavaria, Belgium, Holland, Norway, and Italy painting dramatic landscapes awash in luminous light.

By the time he immigrated to the United States, settling in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania circa 1869, he had already established his reputation in Europe, having received the patronage of Queen Victoria of England, the Grand Duke Alexander of Russia, Grand Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and the Countess of Flanders.

While still in Europe Herzog sent paintings for exhibition at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He appears to have been attracted to dramatic landscapes, such as his Norwegian scenes that he is particularly known for, and which his European audience sorely missed after his move to the United States.

In Pennsylvania, he was drawn to Dingman’s Ferry in the scenic Delaware Water Gap. In 1871, he traveled up the Hudson River on a painting tour, followed by a trip through the American west, visiting Yosemite, the Wyoming Territory, Oregon continuing south along the West Coast as far as rocky Coronado Island, near Baja, California. He would return to the west several more times. Herzog would also travel to the Chesapeake Bay and to Maine and regularly traveled to Gainesville, Florida, where his son was a chemist, and where he captured the local scenery.

It is possible that Herzog was aware of the French Barbizon School painters when he was Paris as many of his works exhibit a similar mood and handling of color. Although he continued to paint into his 90s, his investment in the Pennsylvania Railroad relieved him of the need to sell his art.

His last exhibition was in 1931, a joint show with his son, Lewis, also a painter. Herzog turned 100 years old during the show but was to die three months later at his home in West Philadelphia.

Herzog exhibited at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (Philadelphia, 1863); Paris Salon (1863, prize; 1864 honorable mention); Centennial Exhibition (Philadelphia, 1876; Bronze medal); National Academy of Design (1882); and Ferargil Gallery (NYC, 1931).

High auction record for this artist is $487,500.

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