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19th Century Fine Art Legacy

Rare. Beautiful. Enchanting. Create a nexus within your home--stunning 19th-century artwork that can complement the color, pattern, texture and design of your home for the next level of self-expression. Modern and vintage homes will capture a bit of the wonderful nostalgia of the past by incorporating carefully selected paintings.

When buying fine 19th century art, the last thing you should be worrying about is whether it will match your draperies or clash with your wallpaper. Contrasts enhance. If an old painting catches your eye, it is silently speaking to you. You do not have to "know" art, be a member of special "club", or require an "expert" to tell you that it is a "good" painting. You may be drawn not only to the subject but to the artist’s palette, in other words, the colors that the artists mixed and used to create the tonal aspects of the painting (how it makes you "feel"). The eye can detect subtle variations in color and you and this 19th century artist obviously have the same "palette"-- you have now developed a rapport with the artist that spans the century.

You can see the benefit of escaping to another era; for however brief; to unwind from, forget for a moment, the stressors of daily life. Unplug from your smart phone, video games, and television. Immerse yourself in the therapeutic, tranquil beauty of a landscape by Thomas Hope, Max Weyl, Frank Anderson, John Ross Key, Arthur Hoeber, Charles Linford, or Theodore Gegoux. These artists captured picturesque Watkins Glen (Pennsylvania), Rock Creek State Park (Washington, D.C.), the Catskill Mountains, tidal wetlands (Cape Cod, Long Island, New Jersey), Scalp Level (Pennsylvania) and the White Mountains (New Hampshire), among others. Experience a decrease in your pulse rate as you relax in front of a John David Gue, Robert Kluth or Warren Sheppard seascape. Feel your muscles relax as you gaze at paintings by William Sydney Cooper of sheep idly grazing in the bucolic British countryside.

Are you a sportsman? Do you hunt or fish? A Fletcher Charles Ransom, Walter M. Brackett, Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait, Robert Lindneux, or William Hermann Schmedtgen may be just the ticket for your mental getaway. Or, perhaps engage your softer side with a John Donaghy, Mabel Rollins Harris or Robert Wier, whose poignant genre paintings of mothers with their children illustrates the kinder side of human nature. Maybe history is your passion. Presidents. Famous battles. Fighting Ships. Satisfy your taste for nostalgia with a James Reid Lambdin, William Samuel Horton, Horace Burdick, Clarence Drew Bartlett, Frank Muller or Charles Drew Cahoon. None of the above strike a chord? Then consider the still-lifes of Barton Stone Hays, Albert Francis King, Thomas Henry Hope, August Laux, or Eugenia Williams Snow to complement a dining room or breakfast nook. Entryways, family rooms and bedrooms will receive a visual boost with the genre paintings of George Cochran Lambdin, Henry Paul Perrault, Leon Moran, Frank Dvorak, or kittens and puppies by John Henry Dolph.

Landscapes, still-lifes, genre, historical, animals, historic house or new house, they are all complementary. Co-mingling the old with the new--how absolutely delightful! Capture a bit of yourself and history while enhancing the atmosphere of your home with the acquisition of fine 19th Century paintings. The mere act of looking, comparing and selecting the perfect painting is in itself a mental catharsis, and the value of fine 19th Century artwork is a better deal than doctor’s bills or therapy!

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