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19th Century Fine Art Legacy

The Bedford Fine Art Gallery is "The Destination" not just an attraction along the way. The artworks presented in the Gallery are period originals, not copies, prints or other modes of imitation that exemplify the skill of the original artist, not that of the machine, which is a mere mechanical copyist. Lose yourself in the aura of fine 19th Century artwork presented in an historic venue—the Barclay House (Bedford Mansion). View works of art by artists who prepared the canvas, mixed the colors, and skillfully applied the paint to the canvas—lost arts in themselves. The Bedford Fine Art Gallery is sometimes mistaken for an art museum and not a retailer of fine art work. Remember, though, that you can leave the Gallery and still retain a bit of the aura by owning a part of your experience — a treasure for years to come. After visiting the Gallery, seek out the other attractions that the Bedford County area offers:

• The Old Man on the Monument
• Bedford County’s Veterans World War II Monument
• Fort Bedford Museum
• Old Bedford Village
• Espy House
• National Museum of the American Coverlet
• Founders Crossing
• Gravity Hill
• Coral Caverns
• Morrison’s Cove
• Shawnee Lake Park
• Golf Course at Bedford Springs
• Golf Course at The Bedford Elks County Club
• Flight 93 Memorial.

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