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Maurice Leloir (French, 1853 - 1940) Shopping for Eggs

Watercolor, 16.25 x 11.5 inches / Signed lower right

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sold Maurice Leloir (French, 1853 - 1940)

Jerry & Joan - Thanks for your hospitality and helping us find this beautiful new piece for our home. Until next time...

Adrienne & Jon W.

Maurice Leloir is considered a historical painter, watercolorist, engraver, illustrator and film producer. As an illustrator, he illustrated works by philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau, playwright Jean-Baptiste Moiliere, and novelist Honore de Balzac. He designed theatre posters for French composer Jules Massenet’s operas. In 1928 Leloir was invited by silent film star Douglas Fairbanks to serve as an artistic advisor on his movie, The Man in the Iron Mask, based on the novel of French writer Alexandre Dumas. Around this same time, Leloir was commissioned to design threatre scenes for the popular French actress Sarah Bernhardt (“The Divine Sarah”); and French actors/directors, Andre Antoine, Albert Carre and Firmin Gemier. He was a talented playwright and an expert on the history of costume.

He presented his collection of 2000 costumes and accessories to the Musee Carnavalet in Paris in 1920. He illustrated 11 books including the “Dictionaire du Costume”. His best known painting is titled “Manon Lescaust”, depicting one of the main characters from the novel , L'Histoire du chevalier des Grieux et de Manon Lescaut , by French author Abbé Prévost. The historic costumes, focal point and subject matter of this gorgeous gem “Shopping for Eggs” is very captivating.

High auction record for this artist is $699,200.

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