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Michael Strueber (1945 - )

Gallery of Michael Strueber Paintings:

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Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Strueber is an accomplished watercolorist and plein air painter. Strueber regards his approach to watercolor painting as spiritually akin to the Japanese brush painting tradition known as Sumi-e—the attempt to capture the life-spirit of the subject. His landscapes are painted directly on location, often areas atop the Allegheny Mountains near Cresson, near his studio in Hollidaysburg, PA. His flower still-lifes are painted in his studio from plants only from his garden. He is out all year round to paint his landscapes and braves the cold to capture wintery forest scenes. Strueber places importance on role of place in defining self and its relationship to the world and the greater cosmos. His works evoke attributes of classical naturalism that were signatures of such 19th century-painters as Worthington Whittredge and William Trost Richard, according to Scott Dimond, former curator of SAMA-Loretto. Many people comment on how realistic his paintings are. Strueber, however, does not believe that his paintings are realistic, but just abstract ideas of what he is feeling—he says that he could never compete with nature. He was the first artist to be given an exhibition in the new gallery space at Fallingwater. His paintings are held in over 400 private and public collections in 38 states. In addition to his work as a painter, he served for 24 years as Director of the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art. In addition to offering the artwork below for sale, Bedford Fine Art Gallery is also actively seeking to purchase artwork by Michael Strueber. Contact Us

William Sidney Cooper was an English landscape artist, best known for his paintings of the countryside around Herne Bay in Kent. Cooper studied under his great-uncle, Thomas Sidney Cooper, one of England's most prominent mid-19th century painters. As with his great-uncle, the younger Cooper’s forte was cattle and sheep, which are featured prominently in his watercolour and oil paintings. Cooper became a successful artist and exhibited at the Royal Academy, the Royal Society of British Artists, and the Royal Watercolour Society.

In addition to offering the artwork below for sale, Bedford Fine Art Gallery is also actively seeking to purchase artwork by William Sidney Cooper. Contact Us