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Original Paintings For Sale

19th Century Fine Art Legacy

There are a lot of places that state that they have original paintings for sale. Unfortunately, there are times when these places mislead the public. For example, sometimes they are selling a giclee. The term, giclee, is a derivation of a French word. These so-called “paintings for sale” are simply digital prints taken from original fine art and are produced with an inkjet printer. This process is an updated version of producing a lithograph, however, people in the 19th century knew that these lithograph copies were not paintings. What makes matters worse is that today, there are places that add some oil paint to the giclee to further bolster the phrase that they have paintings for sale.

You don’t have to be an art expert to appreciate the difference between any type of copy versus the real-thing. All the paintings for sale at Bedford Fine Art Gallery are signed originals from very well-listed artists. The talent of these artists is clear.

When people think of paintings for sale, they may not know exactly what type of media the artist used. The paintings we have at Bedford Fine Art Gallery range from: pencil, ink, watercolor, pastel, gouache, and oil paint. Every painting for sale is original and represents the best of the artists talent at the pinnacle of their career.

We are minimalists, however, we make sure each painting is ready to hang on the customers wall from day-one. In the case of our 19th century paintings for sale, we make sure the old varnish is removed and the painting is professionally cleaned. It may have been the first time in over 100 years that the painting has been for sale again and this process really shows the viewer the true color palette the artist used.

Today, a lot of artists strive for some type of shock-value. They create paintings for sale that represent their vision of society, pop culture, street art, abstract art, spray paint art, surrealism, and an inkjet print of all types. We believe that the common theme of the 19th century artists was their ability to show the beauty of nature. One of the best 19th century artists, William-Adolphe Bouguereau, stated: “In painting, I am an idealist. I see only the beautiful in art and, for me, art is the beautiful.” Even back then, artists were experimenting with getting away from traditional realistic paintings and going with some new fad. Bouguereau stated: One shouldn’t believe in all those so-called innovations. There is only one nature and only one way to see it. Nowadays, they want to succeed too fast, this is how they go about inventing new aesthetics, pointillism, pipisme! All this is just to make noise.

I guess it is great that there are so many paintings for sale in today’s market, however, we strive to sell only fine art original paintings by the best listed artists. It took a long time before we had any paintings for sale by contemporary artists. The contemporary artists work we have is very reminiscent of the talented 19th century masters.

We have spent over 30 years finding the best paintings out there and when people visit Bedford Fine Art Gallery there are typically over 250 paintings for sale. When we sell a painting, it is because the customer fell-in-love with the painting. We make sure the customer loves the painting, the frame, and the whole look for where they hang the painting. We believe the customer knows-best what type of painting they want to purchase and we serve as their guide during their fine art journey.

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