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Enriching today’s décor with exceptional paintings from the past

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Welcome to Bedford Fine Art Gallery. We are located in the historic Barclay Mansion in downtown Bedford, Pennsylvania, about one mile from the world famous Bedford Springs Resort. We are a premier U.S. gallery specializing in the sale of 19th and early 20th Century fine victorian art. Whether you are a seasoned collector or are buying fine art for the first time, you can count on finding quality victorian paintings from the best victorian artists of the period. You don’t need an expert art critic to immediately understand and fully appreciate realistic art that pleases now and for many years to come. Victorian home decorating can be a rewarding experience when you include fine art and other historic home decor.


Modern and contemporary art, as well as various prints and reproductions, are still being produced in mass volume. They do not possess the unique absolute limited supply of 19th century realistic fine art and may be worth pennies-on-the-dollar right after your purchase. When writing about the finest art of the 19th Century in a December 1, 2012 article, Kary Mantyk of the Epoch Times (greater New York City Area newspaper) states: "They celebrate humanity, the beauty of the raw power of nature, ideals, veneration for the divine, and the dreams of human beings in a way that can be immediately understood, felt, and appreciated by the viewer. They accomplish that with extraordinary technique and inner vision. A new renaissance is inevitable, when contemporary artists will look back on the great academic artists of the 19th Century for technical guidance and inspiration, which is lacking in modern art. Just as we scoff at those who thought the world was flat, people will one day scoff at those modern works of art now being sold for tens of millions."

Victorian Paintings

Enriching today’s décor with exceptional paintings from the past.

At Bedford Fine Art Gallery you can count on finding one-of-a-kind artwork that is aesthetically pleasing from the finest victorian artists. Our artwork represents many well listed artists at the pinnacle of their careers. You work hard and deserve the best. Our fine art selection gets you to the next level in luxury décor, which is well above run-of-the-mill modern art or prints of any kind. We always have over 100 19th century landscape, genre, still life, sporting art, and American historic theme compositions to choose from. We appreciate that you share our passion for historic home restoration and rare fine art. We look forward to your visit.

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