Enriching today’s décor with exceptional paintings from the past

Enriching today’s décor with exceptional paintings from the past

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About the Gallery


Welcome to Bedford Fine Art Gallery. We are located in the historic Barclay Mansion in downtown Bedford, Pennsylvania, about one mile from the world famous Bedford Springs Resort. We are a premier U.S. gallery specializing in the sale of 19th and early 20th Century fine victorian art. Whether you are a seasoned collector or are buying fine art for the first time, you can count on finding quality victorian paintings from the best victorian artists of the period. You don’t need an expert art critic to immediately understand and fully appreciate realistic art that pleases now and for many years to come. Victorian home decorating can be a rewarding experience when you include fine art and other historic home decor.


Modern and contemporary art, as well as various prints and reproductions, are still being produced in mass volume. They do not possess the unique absolute limited supply of 19th century realistic fine art and may be worth pennies-on-the-dollar right after your purchase. When writing about the finest art of the 19th Century in a December 1, 2012 article, Kary Mantyk of the Epoch Times (greater New York City Area newspaper) states: "They celebrate humanity, the beauty of the raw power of nature, ideals, veneration for the divine, and the dreams of human beings in a way that can be immediately understood, felt, and appreciated by the viewer. They accomplish that with extraordinary technique and inner vision. A new renaissance is inevitable, when contemporary artists will look back on the great academic artists of the 19th Century for technical guidance and inspiration, which is lacking in modern art. Just as we scoff at those who thought the world was flat, people will one day scoff at those modern works of art now being sold for tens of millions."

Victorian Paintings

Enriching today’s décor with exceptional paintings from the past.

At Bedford Fine Art Gallery you can count on finding one-of-a-kind artwork that is aesthetically pleasing from the finest victorian artists. Our artwork represents many well listed artists at the pinnacle of their careers. You work hard and deserve the best. Our fine art selection gets you to the next level in luxury décor, which is well above run-of-the-mill modern art or prints of any kind. We always have over 100 19th century landscape, genre, still life, sporting art, and American historic theme compositions to choose from. We appreciate that you share our passion for historic home restoration and rare fine art. We look forward to your visit.

We have the absolute best customers!

"My wife Theresa and I are pretty ordinary people, who love extraordinary art. Discovering Bedford Fine Art Gallery and working with Jerry and Joan to purchase our first picture from them has been a smooth and joyful experience — and we haven’t even met in person yet. Gotta love internet commerce! And while we anticipate a wonderful visit to the actual gallery one day, our trust in their expertise and integrity is complete. “Stepping Stones,” a beautiful British landscape, is now under our family's care for the second 150 years of its life, and more, I hope, a trust we welcome. Thank you Jerry and Joan!"

Bob and Theresa L.

"It was such a pleasure to purchase artwork from Jerry. He is an honest man, who goes the extra mile (literally – he actually delivered a painting to me, over 6 hour drive one way!) to make sure the painting arrived safely. He is reasonable, knowledgeable, and provides outstanding value and quality with every transaction. I highly recommend Jerry Hawk and Bedford Fine Art Gallery."

Julie A.

"My husband and I were in the market for 19th century paintings and while doing research I came upon the Bedford Fine Art Gallery website. The music that was playing on the video showcasing the gallery's paintings was our wedding song. One of the paintings by the English artist William Bromley III reminded me of our first date. At that moment the painting met its new owner. Jerry spent much time discussing the details of the painting and about the artist. He also talked about two other paintings that were done by Bromley. The breadth and depth of Jerry's knowledge of art is very impressive. What I especially appreciated was his down to earth manner and his willingness to know his customers. In addition to the "first date" painting, we purchased the two other paintings by Bromley that tell the story of two friends enjoying nature. At the time, I also had my eye on another painting called "The Diary" by a well known French artist August Toulmouche. Due to budgetary constraints I had to let it go but had a feeling I would see it again (I did check now and then to see if anyone purchased it--it was still there!). We then went to Paris to celebrate our 32nd wedding anniversary and that same year I was turning 60!! In keeping with the French theme, my husband purchased "The Diary" as a birthday gift and voila all is well with the world. My belief is that paintings wait for us until we are ready to embrace them into our life and our home. To those of you yearning to go back to the 19th century, the Bedford Gallery will take you there!"

Theodora B

"We found Bedford Fine Art Gallery about a year ago. We stopped and met Jerry and Joan. They were both courteous and knowledgable, but not pushy. They have a great eye and displayed many beautiful paintings. Most impressive was the level of customer service they bring to the table. They went out of their way to be as helpful and accommodating as possible. We bought a wonderful painting we love."

Tim and Mary H.

"Bedford PA! An American historical time capsule. Bedford was an 18th century British military fortification and afterwards a 19th century Federal period frontier gateway to the Northwest Territory and is today a popular tourist destination. Joan and Jerry Hawk’s Bedford Fine Art Gallery, located in the historic Bedford Mansion, near the Bedford Courthouse, offers an extensive collection of original 19th century paintings in their beautifully restored gallery...which continually attracts this appreciative collector and former museum trustee."

Charles F.

"At the suggestion of a dear friend my wife and myself found our way west on the Lincoln Highway to the charming town of Bedford to ferret out Bedford Fine Arts and a unique painting that might find a home in our niche collection of 20th Century transportation art. Not only did we find the painting by Otto Kuhler, but we also found a delightful couple, Joan and Gerald Hawk, who had created a wonderful venue to exhibit and offer for sale a fascinating collection of period American paintings. Combining knowledge and passion with their friendly home spun appreciation for their clients, the Hawks are the most delightful respite from the usual gallery sales approach. We now return to Bedford, not only for the opportunity to see, appreciate, and occasionally acquire an addition for our collection, but more importantly to renew an acquaintance, share pleasant conversation, and enjoy whatever happens to grace the walls of their magnificent gallery. Jerry and Joan’s remarkable ability to acquire, display, and offer for sale an impressive array of American art in a classic American small town setting, is only exceeded by their genuine interest in their client’s collections and the personal stories surrounding the acquisition of each piece in their collection. In our many years of building our collection, we have never had a more pleasant experience or personal interaction with a dealer. So if you are serious about your passion for fine American art, make the effort to acquaint yourselves with Joan and Jerry….and if you want to enhance the experience, stay off the Turnpike and take the time to journey to Bedford on Route 30, from either east or west, and spend the day in Bedford and environs. It will be an experience you will not forget."

Vivian and Bennett L.

"After visiting Bedford Fine Art Gallery, I fell in love with several different paintings. But there was one that really caught my eye – it was a painting of roses. I love roses. It was close to my birthday, so I decided to treat myself. Jerry and Joan were honest and straightforward with me. Also, they made the sale easy and fair."

Margaret H.

"Over the past several years I have had the enjoyment of acquiring a fairly substantial number of 19th century paintings from Joan and Jerry Hawk of Bedford Fine Art Gallery. Each work is special and fills a very high quality niche in each room. From Scalp Level to Hudson River School the works have added and raised the bar in our collection and made our home a wonderful place to enjoy each painting individually and as a group. We have counted on the Hawks over the years to regularly discover incredible items whose quality and condition have ameliorated the artistic environment of our homes."

Frank B.

"Jerry Hawk's passion and knowledge really shine in Bedford Fine Art Gallery's excellent collection of 19th century art. Particularly valuable is Jerry's ability to source difficult-to-find pieces from the Scalp Level School. His commitment to customer service is unsurpassed. I heartily recommend Jerry and his gallery."

Rob S.

"I am so happy with my completed “gallery wall” and wanted to thank you for all your help in putting it together. With the addition of smaller paintings from your gallery, in the same style as the larger pieces we already owned, we were able to create a montage of landscapes with a “local scalp level feel” which is cohesive and beautiful. After talking with you and sending photos of the pictures we wanted to work around, you were able to suggest both vertical and horizontal pieces of various sizes which would work in our mix. When my husband and I visited your gallery, we were both pleasantly surprised by the number and variety of beautiful paintings available. You and Joan had already identified the paintings most likely to work for us and it was difficult to choose! Now that the installation Is complete, we couldn’t be happier and look forward to visiting you again when the “art” bug hits."

Janet and George S.

"What a great experience it was to make my first fine art purchase with you. I was intrigued by the artist D.J. Gue and was thrilled to find one of his impressive seascapes at your gallery. It hangs prominently in my office and gives me much enjoyment daily! Thank you!"

Mark S.

"What an incredible experience as I was on the search for a still life by BS Hays. Bedford Fine Art Gallery offers a beautiful, historical environment with a personalized service, guiding you through lovely art offerings. It was an absolute treasure that I hope to visit again!"

Susan M.

"Here’s what happens when you step inside the Bedford Fine Art Gallery—Jerry meets you at the door and ushers you into hallways lined with one glorious piece of art after another that will have you convinced that it can’t get any better. That’s before you enter room after room in this historic, restored mansion full of extraordinary art that Jerry & his wife have displayed with expert lighting and professional descriptions. Personalized, smart, customer service designed to assist you in choosing the finest 19th century paintings anywhere—whether you know your style & you’re adding to it, buying investment art, or like me—walking in and being starstruck by a piece that calls to me with no rhyme or reason but must come home with me. "

Tyna L.

"Having worked in the art world for a number of years, I have experience with a cross section of art museums, galleries and auction houses. I have developed a sense of what I like and that which does not appeal to me. In this regard, my recent interaction with the Bedford Fine Art Gallery prompts this unsolicited testimonial. From my perspective, the Bedford Fine Art Gallery would be the envy of many urban museums and art galleries.

Proprietors Joan and Jerry Hawk have established a first class art gallery offering the very best in fine art, professionally arranged displays, state-of-the-art technology, and superior customer service. Joan and Jerry have a good eye and the quality of their artwork is reminiscent of that seen in the very best art museums. Together, they have discovered and conserved a number of art treasures that I am sure would appeal to the most discriminating of collectors. Each piece is well researched and the didactic material provides good insight to the artist and the artwork. You can browse their inventory on a leisurely walk through the Bedford Fine Art Gallery; or page through the Gallery catalogue; or visit the on-site kiosk for information; or go on line at BedfordFineArtGallery.com.

If you are interested in acquiring good quality fine art, I recommend that you visit the Bedford Fine Art Gallery at 230 South Juliana Street in Bedford, PA and let Joan and Jerry Hawk be your personal guides to fine art. "

Gary G.

"My wife is an artist, and I am a financial advisor, different in many ways. My bride has always desired a collection in fine art. My fear has always been the numbers, what am I paying for, is there an investment value, and is it a fair value? A single customer with two very different views on why to buy art. Jerry and Joan are simply amazing. Their knowledge and passion are second to none. Not only is the collection at Bedford Fine Art Gallery of museum quality, but their passion really inspires you, comforts you, and welcomes you in as a member of what seems like an exclusive club. We are blessed to know them. They will work with you in every way possible to make your dream come true. Our life is now more beautiful because of them, and we look forward to our next purchase."

Jason and Alyson L.

"On a recent trip to Bedford we visited the Fine Art Gallery and were impressed by the quality of the paintings displayed and by the discussions we had with Jerry. We purchased a painting and we expect to revisit the Gallery on our next trip to Bedford. Stop by; the Hawks will be happy to spend time with you and you will learn some history of the area from them. Highly recommended."

Marguerite and Bob
Bedford Fine Art satisfied art customers in the USA, Canada and UK