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Art Lovers' Niche - Nov 22, 2021

Art Lovers' Niche

The Reviews Are In!

James Fairman – Landscape – Benevolent Guardian

"Appareled in celestial light"

William Lewis Marple – Reflections on the Lake   $5,800

Dedication and the
"broken frying pan"

John Bunyon Bristol – Catskill Landscape

Hudson River School artist who "developed the silvery tones of Duran"

Edward Norton – Presidential Trompe L’oeil

Tromp L’oeil – "Painterly” and “Dynamic Compositional Lines"

Olive Parker Black – Refections

Women artist "that combined looser brushwork of the Impressionists with Barbizon-derived tonal qualities"

Franklin Edward Morris – Sunday at the Beach

"Mature style" that is "influenced by American Impressionist artists"

Frank Bromley – Fishing Spot

Young American Prodigy - At 14 years old he won first prize at the "Vienna International Exposition"

Olive Turney (American 1847 – 1939)

Scalp Level School women artist – "vigorous, full of color and dash"

Chauncey Foster Ryder (1868 - 1949)

"Tonalist post-impressionist – somewhat abstract, yet retaining distinguishable representational elements"

 Peter Hurd (American 1904 - 1984)

Appointed to the "Presidents Commission of Fine Arts" in the late 1950’s

George W. Picknell (American 1864 – 1943)

Best known for his "landscapes and seascapes of Connecticut and Massachusetts"

Charles Harold Davis (American 1856 - 1933)

"Vivid color contrasts that endowed the scene with the characteristic Impressionist sense of momentary"

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