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Joan Mudge (American 20th/21st century) Bleak Winter

Oil on board, 9 x 9.5 inches/Signed lower left

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sold Joan Mudge (American 20th/21st century)

This sounds perfect. I am really happy that after being in the family for a hundred years, they will be in good hands at your gallery. I was very impressed by your website and your dedication to and appreciation for fine art.

Antonia S.

Contemporary artist Joan Mudge has always enjoyed art, both the act of creating art and studying art history. She has often thought how idyllic it would be to paint outdoors like the impressionists. Her art teacher in high school was mildly encouraging, so she decided to take a painting course freshman year in college. The professor was an abstract painter who thought realism was passé and advised her to seek other disciplines, thus she became an art history major and turned her creativity in other directions. Joan did not regret the major as she has thoroughly enjoyed studying the Masters, visiting museums, and sharing with her husband a love of collecting art and discovering new artists. The dream of following in Monet’s footsteps was buried, though, for over forty years until she had the opportunity to take a plein air workshop which changed her life. Her first workshop was made possible as a result of a summer sabbatical program through the school where she worked -- she was in Tuscany with Canadian artist, Ian Roberts. Since then, she has set up a small studio in the family home, and participates in artist’s workshops and continues to study the Masters. For Joan painting has opened up a whole new way of seeing, and an amazing appreciation for the beauty of nature. Watching the light hit the trees before a storm, or noticing the blue shadows on the snow, the wonder of the colors in a sunset or the muted grays on a misty rainy day - all are magical for her. She owes the success of her painting to my husband, Ted, who encourages her by helping her figure out why some paintings aren’t working, suggesting subjects that might have overlooked, discovering artists and web sites that may inspire -- and on top of all that, he is her framer.

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